Statfjord B, oil platform

The housing unit (known as the hotel) on Statfjord B was discolored by surface rust, and runoffs from stress corrosion. In essence, these were challenges related to the helicopter platform, which is designed in aluminum.

For construction using access techniques, they used ropes made of polyester. Braces were covered under suits for use with  chemicals. It was constantly focused on keeping all equipment away from acid, and all the equipment was discarded after a few days of use.

Hope the information was useful and that you can take advantage of the experience at a later occasion

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Kind regards Pål Gundersen (Beerenberg Corp. AS)


Project Statfjord B
Performed by Beerenberg Corp.
Project manager Pål Gundersen
Challenge Rust at an offshore oil platform
Product Ferro-Bet Rust Remover
Year 2013
Approved by Communication manager Ole Klemsdal
Photo Beerenberg Corp.

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