• Alu Clean
    • Jeg har oppbevart Ferro-Bet Rust-fjerner, Ferro-Bet Rust-bort og Ferro-Bet Alurens i garasjen i minusgrader. Blir produktene ødelagt av frost?
      • Vi anbefaler at produktene oppbevares frostfritt, men normalt sett fungerer produktene fint selv om de har frosset. Men vær oppmerksom på at sprayflasker som har vært frosset kan være sprukket i sprayhodet, og det kan oppstå lekkasjer.

    • Can I use Ferro-Bet Alu-Clean as a wheel cleaner?
      • Yes, but do not use it on chrome or damaged rims.

    • Does Alu-Clean remove brake dust?
      • Yes, it removes brake dust in 10-30 seconds. If there is a heavy coting of brake dust, you should use a brush to work the product into the surface.

    • Can I use Ferro-Bet Alu-Clean on copper and brass?
      • Yes, Ferro-Bet Alu-Clean is very effective removing oxidation on metals such as copper and brass.

    • I have high gloss Aluminum rims on the car. Can I use Alu-Clean?
      • Yes, but the Aluminum can get a bit dull. Polish the rim with metal polish to get the shine back.

    • What can I use to clean my high-gloss polished toolbox on the truck?
      • Ferro-Bet Alu-Clean functions very well on high-gloss polished surfaces!

    • I can’t get the railing on the balcony clean, it is made of anodized Aluminum. What should I do?
      • Apply Ferro-Bet Alu-Clean with a sponge or cloth and let it work for about 30 seconds before removing it.

    • What does Ferro-Bet Alu Cleanser remove?
      • Ferro-Bet Alu Cleanser removes  the oxidation that occurs on sweating metals such as aluminum, copper and brass.

  • Antirust & Lubritech
    • Does Ferro-Bet Nano Antirust & Lubritech replace other well-known penetrating oils on the market?
      • Yes, the product is a high quality and highly penetrating oil. It can function as a replacement for most types of penetrating oils on the market.

    • Can I use Ferro-Bet Nano Antirust & Lubritech as a weapon oil?
      • Yes, it can both be used as a preservative oil for external treatment of weapons, but also as a lubrication of moving parts in the chamber. It will also prevent the fouling from building up.

    • In winter the locks on my shed freezes. Will Ferro-Bet Nano Antirust & Lubritech prevent icing in the lock?
      • Yes, it will leave an invisible Nano-film which displaces moisture, with the result that the lock does not freeze. In extreme cold periods, protection may deteriorate over time.

    • Can Ferro-Bet Nano Antirust & Lubritech be used as lubricating oil for the metal hinged on the garage door?
      • Yes, the product reduces the friction between metal surfaces, and will work well as a lubricating oil.

    • At work we have many different spray cans, for all kinds of applications. Will Ferro-Bet Nano Antirust & Lubritech be able to replace some of these?
      • Yes, Ferro-Bet Nanoprotech Antirust & Lubritech can replace most lubricating oils like universal lubricant spray, gliding lube, PTFE, preservative oil, weapon oil, moisture displacer, locking oil, moisture protection, rust protection, penetrating oil, or as an rust protection on clean metal for transportation, etc.

    • I have a electric saw rusting. How do I remove the rust and protectthe saw from rust in the future?
      • If it is surface rust, remove this with Ferro-Bet Rust-Away. Spray on or apply with a cloth. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes.
        When the metal is dry, spray Ferro-Bet Nanoprotech Antirust & Lubritech on all surfaces. Allow this to dry overnight before using the saw.

  • EL isolation
    • What is a Nano product?
      • The product contains particles that are one millionth of a millimetre.

        This makes the product penetrate extremely well, and gives an invisible, stable protection.

    • Can I use the EL-insulation to waterproof a drill?
      • NO! The movie that shows this, is to demonstrate the characteristics of the product. The test was done in a controlled environment and is something that should not be done by unskilled personnel.

    • Will the EL-insulation extend the life of my RC-car and my battery drill?
      • Potentially it will be able to do this, seen in connection with protection from moisture and reduced wear due to lack of lubrication.

    • Do I need to re-apply a new coat of EL-insulation if my electrical equipment has been exposed to moisture?
      • No, but it may be advisable to apply a new layer if there is a risk of moisture on sensitive areas.

    • At the fish farm we have electric control cabinets, standing very exposed to sea water. Will the EL-insulation protect the sensitive electric contact points?
      • Yes, just spray on all areas at risk of being affected by sea water. The product cannot be used incorrectly and will not cause short circuiting.

        Use Ferro-Bet Nanoprotech Antirust & Lubritech on the control cabinet to prevent corrosion on the exterior.

    • I have issues with the connector on my trailer. What should I do?
      • Spray EL-insulation on the connector on the trailer and on the car. Wait 10-30 seconds before connecting them.

        Moisture will be expelled and contact will be restored.

    • We work on a boat, and have problems with battery-powered tools often being damaged by sea water. What should we use?
      • Apply Ferro-Bet EL-insulation to all openings on the power tool, and spray the battery pack as well.

        Assemble the power-tool, and let it cure for 12 hours for max effect.

  • Ferro-Bet Rust Remover
    • Jeg har oppbevart Ferro-Bet Rust-fjerner, Ferro-Bet Rust-bort og Ferro-Bet Alurens i garasjen i minusgrader. Blir produktene ødelagt av frost?
      • Vi anbefaler at produktene oppbevares frostfritt, men normalt sett fungerer produktene fint selv om de har frosset. Men vær oppmerksom på at sprayflasker som har vært frosset kan være sprukket i sprayhodet, og det kan oppstå lekkasjer.

    • Can the Rust Remover damage paint?
      • Yes. If you get spills on areas not to be treated, wipe down immediately with a damp cloth. Use masking tape to avoid damaging the paint.

    • What does Rust Remover do?
      • Ferro-Bet Rust Remover etches away rust. It also adds a layer of zinc that preserves the surface against new rust formation.

    • There are still red areas in the metal after using the Rust Remover. Is this rust?
      • Yes, this is probably rust that is not properly removed unless a red primer has been used. Try reapplying the Rust Remover and use a sanding paper to prep the area for better penetration of the Rust Remover.

    • The Rust Remover just glance off the metal when I spray it on! What is wrong?
      • It is likely that oil or grease on the surface hasn’t been removed properly, which means that the Rust Remover will not adhere to the surface.

        Try to clean the area with a degreaser to get the surface as clean as possible before applying the Rust Remover again.

    • Does the rust remover penetrate the metal?
      • Yes, Ferro-Bet Rust Remover penetrates into the pores of the metal. And when treating both sides of a 1 -2,5mm metal sheet, the product will penetrate through.

    • What are the black spots that have appeared on the metal plate after using Rust Remover?
      • Ferro-Bet Rust Remover can transform penetrating rust or scales into magnetite, if it fails to remove all the rust before drying.

        To remove the spots, you can apply more Rust Remover and process the surface with a sanding paper to get better penetration.

        It is no problem to apply coating directly over areas with magnetite, because the rust is now fully stopped.

    • The product has removed the rust, but there is a black “coating” that is very difficult to remove. What is this and how do I remove it?
      • This is magnetite. It has been used too little Rust Remover, or the amount of rust has been so heavy that the Rust Remover has not managed to penetrate completely.

        Apply more Rust Remover, and work the surface with a brush or a sanding paper to help penetration.

    • It’s cold outside, can I still use Rust Remover?
      • Ferro-Bet Rust Remover is water based and will function down to about 5 degrees Celsius.

        It is most effective if the temperature is closer to 15-20 degrees Celsius.

    • I found a bottle of Rust Remover in my grandfather’s garage. The bottle is from the 1960 … How do I know if the product still works?
      • Dip a galvanized nail into the bottle and see if a white foam appears after 10-30 seconds.

        If there is white foam (zinc), the product still works. If it does not foam up, the acids are evaporated and the product will not have any effect on the rust.

  • Rust Away
    • Is Ferro-Bet Rust-Away Ready to Use?
      • Yes, the product is delivered ready to use.

    • Is Ferro-Bet Rust-Away the same as Ferro-Bet Rust wash?
      • Yes, this is the same product. Due to a directive from the EU, we were required to change name.

    • Is Ferro-Bet Rust Remover and Rust-Away the same product?
      • No, these are two completely different products, but both contain phosphoric acid.

    • Is Rust-Away a degreaser?
      • No, but it can manage to remove some grease, but it’s no proper degreaser.

    • Does Rust-Away remove soot?
      • Yes, it will very effectively remove soot, but be careful as it contains acid. Make sure that the substrate can withstand phosphoric acid.

    • Is the Ferro-Bet Rust-Away from the store the same used in industry and shipping?
      • Yes, Rust-Away is the same product regardless of size and market it is sold in.

    • Can I use Ferro-Bet Rust-Away to remove rust stains on clothes?
      • Yes, but be careful, it’s strong. It may damage the fibres.

    • What is the difference between Ferro-Bet Rust Remover and Ferro-Bet Rust-Away?
      • Ferro-Bet Rust Remover is a penetrating rust remover for steel that etches away rust and leaves zinc that conserves the metal against new rust formation.

        Ferro-Bet Rust-Away removes surface rust and rust streaks on treated and untreated surfaces.

    • Surface rust has formed on galvanized surfaces, what do I do?
      • Apply Ferro-Bet Rust-Away and let it work for about 30 seconds before removing it.

        The product reacts with the galvanization so that the rust goes away, and zinc is extracted from the pores in the metal.

    • I have limescale on the foundation wall, does Ferro-Bet Rust-Away remove this?
      • Yes, spray on and let it work for 5-10 minutes before removing it. Work the surface with a stiff brush while the product is working.

    • Rusty water is running from rebar, can Rust Away be used to remove it?
      • Yes, Ferro-Bet Rust Away will remove the rust spots on the wall, but it will not stop the problem.
        As long as moisture gets into the reinforcement, rusty water will keep on running.

    • Can I use Rust Away to clean the cooling system?
      • Yes, but be careful! The product is strong and the system must be rinsed well after use. If there is alloy in the system you don’t know withstands acid, we do not recommend using Rust Away.

    • Can I use Rust Away to fade wood?
      • Yes, it will fade wood, but note, it can make resin come out. Carefully add with a sponge, avoid saturating the wood by applying too much Rust Away.

    • I have rustic basins in the toilet, how do I remove these?
      • Spray on Ferro-Bet Rust Away and use a brush to scrub. Let the product work for about 5 min. before flushing.

  • Rust Converter
    • I have arcing on the battery poles, both in the car and in my boat. Can I use Ferro-Bet EL-insulation to avoid this?
      • Yes, the EL insulation will penetrate the metal and protect from arcing and poor contact.

        If you already have arcing on the battery pole, this should be brushed off before applying EL-insulation.

    • Should I use Ferro-Bet Rust Converter & Primer as finishing product after using Ferro-Bet Rust Remover?
      • No, do not mix these two products. Ferro-Bet Rust Converter need to have rust to be activated.

        If you remove the rust with Rust Remover, the Rust Converter does not have anything to bind to.

    • Is Ferro-Bet Rust Converter & Primer the same as Corroless Rust Killer?
      • Yes. In 2016, we chose to incorporate Corroless as part of Ferro-Bet’s product range.

    • Can I paint directly on the Ferro-Bet Rust Converter & Primer?
      • Yes, but do a test first. Most types of paint sold today are water-based and can react with a solvent-based primer like the Rust Converter.

        To prevent boiling / cracking, apply Sink / Cold Galvanization before applying a coating or varnish.

    • What does it mean that the Rust Converter is a primer?
      • This means that the product is a full metal primer, and can be used before further finishing products are applied.

        The product also contains thousands of heat-cured glass particles, which gives the surface a better adhesion for the finishing products.

        So, even though the product is a bit more expensive than other Rust Removing products, you get a 2 in 1 solution with a very good durability.

    • Should Ferro-Bet Rust Converter & Primer be viscous in consistency?
      • No, the product should be a liquid, like a thick paint.

        If it is viscous in consistency, use a paint thinner to dilute the product.

    • Are Ferro-Bet Rust Converter on larger packaging?
      • Yes, it is delivered in the following sizes:

        200 ml aerosol, 250 ml, 750 ml, 2.5 l and 200 l barrels.

    • Is the Rust Converter waterproof?
      • No, not 100%. The product is made as a primer, and it needs a paint, varnish or a coating to become 100% waterproof.

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