Balcony in a private home

When building apartments, the balconie was used for cutting metal and storing equipment, something that led to heavy rusting on the tiles.

Strong detergents were tested without desired result being obtained. Observe the difference in the apperance of rust on the left and right side on picture 1, showing the different result of trying out different heavy duty detergents.

As a last way out, Ferro-bet was decided to be used. The treatment was as follows:.

Apply Ferro-Bet Rust-Bort.
Wet the tiles with water to prevent the acid from dissolving the joints.
Let the product work for 10-15 min.
If necessary, work the surface with a stiff brush.
Remove Rust Away when the desired result is achieved.

– Incredibly efficient, and a result that really says it all.
Kristina Andreassen.


Performed by Kristina Andreassen
Consultant Jan Magne Andreassen
Challenge Surface errotion on balcony tile floor
Product Ferro-Bet Rust-Away
Year 2016
Approved by Kristina Andreassen
Photo Kristina Andreassen

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