Ferro-Bet Rust Converter and Primer 250ML

Varenummer: 21250

Rust Converter and primer in one product! Apply directly on the corroded area. Stops the corrosion and converts the rust to organic magnetite and displaces moisture. Leaves a structure surface, which gives a perfect surface for paint or coatings. The perfect product for areas where rust has penetrated the metal.

Available in: 200 ml aerosol, 250 ml, 750 ml, 2.5 l

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Stabilizing rust primer for all corroded metals. Provides an active protection that penetrates and transforms rust without weakening the metal, even on highly porous metals. The unique formulation contains special corrosion pigments that penetrates rust and turn it into iron oxide (magnetite) that prevents further rust development. The product also contains millions of heat-cured glass particles, that forms a very hard surface that closes out moisture and other harmful elements.

The glass particles also provide better adhesion for finishing products. Corroded areas on cars, trucks, boats, mc, construction, shipping, offshore, home, leisure, agricultural and construction equipment.

Can be painted over with most types of varnish (do a test first).

Available sizes: 200 ml aerosol, 250 ml, 750 ml, 2,5 l