Ferro-Bet Wire Grease, 18 kg bucket


Ferro-Bet Wiresmørning dyp-impregnerer wiren uten å måtte varmes opp. Den danner en sterk film som forsegler fullstendig.

Wire Grease deeply penetrates the wire, with no need fore heat. It creates a surface film with significant stable capacity and prevents water and dirt from penetrating the wire.

The Wire Grease will not turn liquid at any temperature. The optimal working range for the product is between +90 degree celsius and -40 degree celsius. It will not turn brittle until it reaches below -40 degree celsius. The product color is petrolium brown and will not drip.

Wire Grease is perfect for all working wires: Life boat wire, screws, bolts, tie-up wire, closing screws, drive wheels in the anchor game and other places requiring an effective rust preventive grease. It is ready to use and can be thinned with White Spirit or similar product.

Apply whit Masto lubricator, lubricator glov or brush.

A dry wire needs a second application, as the first coate penetrates to the core of the wire. If you are using Masto Lubricator you do not need to lubricate twice.



Product : Ferro-Bet Wire Grease
Property Method Typical
NLGI Grade ISO 2137 0
Density                                          20 ° C IPPM-CS/03 0,91
Colour Visual Light yellow
Appearance Visual smooth
Base oil kinematic viscosity at 40ºC, mm²/s ISO 12058/

DIN 53015

Base oil kinematic viscosity at 100ºC, mm²/s ISO 12058/

DIN 53015

Dropping point, ºC IP 396 min140
Worked penetration at 25ºC after 60 strokes, dmm ISO 2137 355-385
Change in worked penetration at 25ºC after 100000 strokes, dmm ISO 2137 35
Copper corrosion 24 h at 100ºC ASTM D4048 1b
SKF Emcor corrosion test dist water ISO 11007 0-0
SKF Emcor corrosion test           salt water ISO 11007 2-2


Ferro-Bet Wire Grease is anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease, based on mineral oil.

The grease contains antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors.

The low viscous base oil makes the product suitable for low temperature applications.

The grease is also suitable for roller bearings operating at high speed.

Ferro-Bet Wire Grease is a high-quality grease that can be used in both industrial and automotive applications.

The grease is suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings.

  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Suitable for high speed applications

Corrosion protection

SKF Emcor distilled water ISO 11007 0-0

SKF Emcor salt water ISO 11007 2-2

Copper corrosion 24h/100°C ASTM D4048 1b